A Guide on How to Properly Adjust Pre-Tied Bow Ties

Pre-tied bow ties are a savior, especially when you’re running late for a special event. These are handy, quick to use. It typically consists of a square-shaped clasp that slides across to fit. Every man must have a pre-tied bow tie in his wardrobe to get party ready without any stress. Men often struggle with adjusting the bow tie on their collars, so we have for you a guide on how to adjust a pre-tied bow tie effortlessly.

Pre tied bow ties for men

1. Let’s get familiar with the part of a pre-tied bow tie. Clip 1 is a T-shaped bar that is placed at one end of the bow tie. Clip 2 is a movable bar on the strap that will connect to clip C, which is a hook on the back of the bow.

2. Take clip 1 and fold the strap along the length of the bow tie, up to a point, which is not too tight or too droopy for the neck. While clip 2 is at the end.

3. Adjust and fix the length by bringing clip 1 into one of the slots on the back of the strap.

4. Now, you have to secure the bow tie by hooking clip 2 to clip 3. If you feel the fit is not right, is too tight or too loose, then you can adjust it by moving clip 1 into a neighboring slot.

5. Now, after you are satisfied with the fit and the placement, just adjust it from the sides so it does not look flat. The number one rule of wearing bow ties is that you should never strive for perfection. You should not be aiming for perfect symmetry, give it a little plumb to look vivid on your collar.

bow ties

The first step to wear pre-tied bow ties or self-tie bowties is to buy quality ones. The color, design, and material largely impact the final look of the bow tie. So make sure to shop from a place which specializes in bow ties, just like CapeKnot.com. Here you will find the best collection of bow ties and we are sure you wouldn’t leave without filling your shopping cart to the brim. The patterns and the solid colors have been well curated to match every style and choice. The pre-tied bow ties are perfect for formal gatherings or whenever you wish to achieve a sophisticated look. The CapeKnot.com bow ties come with an adjustable strap for those who are running late for events. You can view the dimensions and other details on the website. Visit them also for neckties, hankies, cufflinks, tie bars, and various other accessories.

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